Thursday, June 22, 2006

Creating a symbol server

1. Share out a folder eg. \\mymachine\symbols
2. symstore add /r /f [path-to-symbols] /s \\mymachine\symbols /t "[app-name]" /v "[version]"

Replace [path-to-symbols], [app-name] & [version] as appropriate.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Linux or Windows

Just reminding myself again that I should not install Linux in my home machines.
HP PSC 1510 - linux drivers are present but I was forced to do a source compile.
Macromedia or Adobe design tools doesn't work.
Cannot download pictures from my Canon powershot. Again, these may be present somewhere in some form.
I am just not a Linux fanatic to work harder to use things I paid for.
But, Linux is good as a server or on VMWare for my experiments. Can run all kinds of servers for free.
More RPC debugging tips without special configuration.

!rpcexts.thread & !rpcexts.obj - debug stuck rpc calls.
!rpcexts.stubmsg & !rpcexts.rpcmsg - stack based debugging.

I believe this is the only way to debug in Win2k since built-in rpc debug support is present only in XP or above. No time to blog all the details of using them, maybe later when I have more time.