Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Finding the simpler problems to solve and focusing on the right things.

This is one of those common sense things where most big corporations and even many smart people go wrong. It is not good enough if you found a tough problem and then solved it. Many smart people often fall in this trap because they love solving tough problems.
It is more important to find the simpler problem and then solve it. Quite often, simpler problems would have simpler solutions and in the end the everyone including the product, the customer and the company wins.
Another related thinking is to focus on what you are offering your customer, the focus should be on the core strength your company is bringing to the customer. All other peripheral stuff shouldn't be where the bulk of the energy gets spent.

These are seemingly simple things, but people still keep getting them wrong. eg. a banking application developing a cross platform UI framework because the generic solutions out there are 'buggy' or not 'good'. Google went about building a 'super secret' server farm because they wanted to be outrun competitors by building muscle on the server side. Now, why don't you think about that a bit more while I get out of my philosophy mode?