Sunday, November 19, 2006

Web 2.0 companies

Signed for accounts at some of the promising Web 2.0 startups, Omnidrive looked useful and had rave reviews. Unfortunately, it seems to have starting troubles. This weekend I tried to drag and drop my photos over and it failed without copying even one file after some kind of wierd xml error message. Moreover, it always keep complaining about not being able to contact the server. Even if it is beta quality, these are basic things that shouldn't have been overlooked before a public release. Sharpcast seems to have gotten the basics right. Rich client backed by effective synchronization is their goal. And hey, the upload of over 300 photos using their XP client seems to be working fine so far. But, the web UI was well hidden, probably because it didn't work properly yet? TimeBridge was useless at least to me. iScrybe might be more useful as an organizer(Flash + offline is interesting), but seems vaguely similar to 37 signals software.